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Metro Headlines

One of the sometime hilarious, sometimes worrying things about only reading the front page headlines of Metro from a distance is that you can't see if the main picture and headline are related. Most often I think they're not but this morning we have "Experts still try 'cures' for gays" juxtaposed with a picture of a happy, smiling Simon Cowell looking in the direction of the headline.

As I understand it, there are a lot of things people would like to cure about him before getting anywhere near his sexuality, whatever that may currently or previously have been, or his views on the 'curing' of homosexuality.

Also this morning, spotted an in-carriage advert for the island of Aruba (it has an oooh factor, apparently) on which someone had scribbled "Scottish holidays create employment". Perhaps in a nice motorhome, one of which I shall just happen to have for sale in the hopefully not too distant future.

And (it seems to have been a morning for it), opposite the above there was an advert for Lufthansa with a handsome young chap coming out of the plane door and lifting up his sunglasses "all for this one moment" they say. Perhaps if he didn't wear his sunnies indoors, the outside world would be less of a shock.


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26th Mar, 2009 21:03 (UTC)
How come you're selling the muffin wagon?? Are you replacing it?
26th Mar, 2009 21:05 (UTC)
Need to replacing it with a smaller one, basically. It's a bit more palatial than really necessary for what I need. Especially if the interview I have on Wednesday evening goes well, after which I may have quite a few events to be going to. Hopefully.
26th Mar, 2009 21:08 (UTC)
Coo, well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Shame we are destitute because I'd love a motorhome. We spent 6 months travelling around Australia in a huge beaten up old one on a truck chassis - we called it Matilda because it waltzed across the roads in the high winds :o) Trouble was it only had a 2 litre engine and we had the ignominy of being overtaken up a hill by two Model T Fords.
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